Maggie from “The Thorn Birds” is 65 years old: the tragic fate of a beautiful actress

Beauty Rachel Ward has always wanted to be an actor. Nonetheless, family members remained doubtful. Family members were uninterested in innovation and art.

However, the actress’s family was descended from an old English aristocratic family. Despite this, the errant aristocrat resolved to make her fantasy a reality. She traveled to America to capture Hollywood for this purpose.

It wasn’t simple, though. Initially, the actress appeared in minor parts before transitioning to modeling. Rachel, after all, had a vivid and uncommon beauty. Ward was a well-known model.

And then she received her first acting gig. She was invited to participate in an audition for the painting “The Thorn Birds.”

Rachel was prepared to play any role, but she did not expect to be asked to portray Maggie Cleary. Ward was concerned and wanted to decline the post. Nonetheless, she accepted fate’s challenge.

The lovely actress inhabited her part so well that it was difficult not to trust in her heroine’s genuineness. Furthermore, Rachel discovered love on the set.

Brian Brown, who played Luke O’Neill, was picked as the actress. On set, the pair fell in love and married shortly after.

And, believe it or not, the spouses are still together and live in perfect harmony. The couple is the parents of three children: two daughters and a son.

They’ve been married for almost 35 years. In terms of her acting career, she continued to appear in films; nevertheless, all of her performances were overshadowed by the film “The Thorn Birds.”

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