“I couldn’t eat because of my nose.” “Pinocchio” from the United States demonstrated how he appeared after plastic surgery.

Conrado, a 58-year-old painter, has had his life transformed by a chance meeting. Conrado received a work order. The customer, it turned out, was a renowned plastic surgeon. When they first met, the doctor focused his attention on the painter’s nose.

“When I first saw Conrado, I immediately noticed that he had rhinophyma, which is more common in middle-aged men,” the doctor explained. Conrado had already seen several physicians at that point, but in vain. “Dr. Romo approached me and instantly stated that he would assist me. “It felt like a miracle,” Conrado remarked.

Dr. Romo did an excellent work, dramatically altering the patient’s look. Conrado now goes about his daily activities, appreciating his tidy nose with delight.

How do you feel about the painter’s transformation? Dr. Roma has golden hands, no doubt about it.

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