Skin and Bones! Jessica Simpson Has Lost 101 Pounds and Has Astounded the Internet With New Photos

Many attractive people lament their inability to lose weight. Some of us blame our “issues” on our age, arguing that it is more difficult for a woman beyond the age of 40 to get in shape. According to the aforementioned theory, some members of the fair sex have given up.

Today I’d like to show you pictures of a famous Hollywood actress who lost 101 pounds. Jessica Simpson just celebrated her 40th birthday.

The lovely lady is proud of her thin figure and has received countless compliments. Some of the diva’s devotees, however, were displeased with the beauty’s change.

“Jessica, stop losing weight”, “Skin and bones”, “You used to be prettier”

“Jessica, stop”, “Hug and cry”, “Lost your beauty”, commented Network users. What are your thoughts? Do you enjoy the artist’s transformation?

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