After 87 days, the mother gave birth to a daughter and her twin sister: What do girls nowadays look like?

When Maria and Chris Jones-Elliot found out they were having twins, they were ecstatic. They already had an adult son and daughter, and they were expecting two younger sisters to arrive at the same time.

The couple picked the names Amy and Katie in advance. The twins were supposed to come in September, but things didn’t work out. Maria found out she was pregnant towards the end of May, when she was in her 24th week of pregnancy. On June 1, she raced to the nearest clinic and gave birth to her daughter Amy.

Despite being born prematurely, the baby felt perfectly normal, considering her weight of only 540 grams. Her sister, on the other hand, was not in a rush to give birth. Because to the peculiarities of the mother’s body, she was able to stay and wait for her term.

Katie was born on August 27, 2012, 87 days after her twin sister was born. Katie weighed 2550 kg and stood 44 centimeters tall.

The twins were allowed to go almost simultaneously. Amy had acquired a significant amount of weight at that point, but she was still noticeably smaller than her sister.

The sisters, who were born roughly three months apart, immediately caught the attention of journalists. They also set a new world record, which was verified by Guinness Book of Records staff.

Despite the fact that Amy and Kathy are twins, they each have two birthdays. And each of the girls receives congrats and presents.

By the age of a year, Amy had nearly caught up to her younger sister in development. The twins’ features became extremely similar, while the female personalities appeared to be quite different.

Amy is now eight years old, and Katie is just seven, but she will soon be celebrating her seventh birthday and catching up with her sister. The twin sisters will begin the second grade of primary school this year. They learn rapidly and help each other with everything.

The girls’ names are written on their schoolbags to assist peers and teachers identify them. However, parents can easily find many differences between their daughters, who were born 87 days apart.

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