When Kelly Clarkson invited the police to join her onstage, no one saw it coming.

Kelly surprised a handful of her pals by bringing them on stage with her to sing a duet at the Kansas City event.

Two uniformed police officers walked onstage. They were able to quickly take charge of the issue.

The two men in uniform onto the stage and sang “Stand By Me,” a popular rock tune.

Kelly had risen to his feet, and he was now playing accords for the band. One of the officers sounded like he was born to sing, he was that good at it.

Everyone was up and moving to the music by the chorus. Kelly stood beside the two officers while they imbibed.

A police officer was tasked with sharing intimate stories with his partner. It’s really analogous to going to a concert.

While he was humming along to “Earth, Wind, and Fire,” his wife managed to get his attention. Kelly acknowledged that he had a musical talent.

Kelly then commended the police force for its stage appearance. It was decided to allow the police to sing to foster a feeling of community via the unifying power of music.

Kelly said that it was common for residents in the area to incorrectly assume that police officers were on their own.

The audience was enthralled by the police show. The crowd believed these two could easily switch to a profession in singing, despite the fact that everyone requires policies.

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