The baby’s incessant sobbing was only interrupted when other passengers began singing to her.

Flying is really different. Constrained seating can be uncomfortable.

The infant in the viral video may or may not have flown before. His tears suggest that this is not something he regularly experiences.

There’s a reason why infants are so vocal in their discomfort on flights. Babies often cry a lot during flights. Of course they should!

When flying, how do you keep a young child from fussing? You’ll need to come up with a strategy to distract their interest. Sometimes the best medicine is a favorite toy or tasty treat.

This one-of-a-kind infant relaxes to Baby Shark. This sweet tune for infants has quickly gained popularity. It’s easy to see how and why that might be relaxing.

They try to comfort him with music, but it hasn’t helped. Everyone on the plane starts singing along right away. When everyone on board starts singing, flying suddenly seems a lot less terrifying.

Even the passenger joins in on the chorus. The infant appears to calm down as a result of the soothing music playing. The trip was perhaps less terrifying and tear-free because of their aid.

Thankfully, everyone on board knew about it. It’s a simple way to play with the infants and make them feel more at ease. It’s also enjoyable to sing along to.

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