A 80-year-old woman and her handicapped dog ride nearly 1,000 kilometers each year.

Every year, Jane Dotchin rides her horse from Hexham to Inverness in Scotland. She and her dog, Dinky, departed on August 31.

It all started in 1972. Jane Dotchin saddled up and rode her horse across Scotland for about 965 kilometers (600 miles). At 80 years old, the adventurer shows no signs of slowing down or losing her will to see the world. She’s in her geriatric years, yet she still does this.

At the close of August, she packed up her belongings and mounted Diamond, her trusty 13-year-old steed. But the horse wasn’t his only company on the road. The brave octogenarian has Dinky, her crippled Jack Russell, seated peacefully in front of her. The inseparable trio travels between 24 and 32 kilometers every day (roughly 15 to 20 miles).

The Scots are well supplied militarily. She has packed a tent, enough of food, and other necessities for herself and her trusty animal companions.

Jane Dotchin has been exploring the nation on horseback for the better part of half a century. This epic journey lasts for about seven weeks, and she uses that time to see friends she’s made along the way.

She said, “I can take a few different routes depending on the weather.” When traveling, “I don’t pay attention to maps; I stick to the routes I’m familiar with.” The little group is unsatisfied with virtually little throughout the journey. The streams contribute greatly to the water’s renewal.

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