She Spent Very Little on an Old School Bus. And Made It Fit for a King and Queen!

Many of us dream of seeing the globe. The most avid explorers still need a base of operations. The main character in this novel refused to settle for less than her ideal situation, so she combined her love of adventure with the necessities of domestic life in her fantasy house.

In addition, Jessie Lipskin opted to construct her own house rather than buy a prefab dwelling. On one website, she saw a 1966 GMC bus at a very low price and she bought it. Jessie invested a lot of time and effort over the following few years making her new purchase the perfect recreational vehicle.

This is where it all started:

The inside was hardly much better.

However, the bus held up fairly well. Slight reinforcement was all that was required…

Then, the walls, plywood, and ceiling linings were all coated with natural wood. Because of the peculiar conditions in which we now find ourselves, we had to fashion our own furnishings. Parquet was used for the floor.

The outside of the bus was also modernized. The chipped paint and rust spots are no longer a problem.

What a stud he is in all white…

And this is how the interior of the final product turns out!

There’s nothing it doesn’t include. First and first, and maybe most importantly, a spacious and comfortable bed…

In such a setting, every inch counts for a lot. As a result, you can put a lot of stuff under the bed and access it easily.

A home with a bookcase in it is a home with a source of entertainment and aesthetic value.

And if you didn’t have a closet, where would you put your clothes?

A kitchen like that would be the envy of every woman. Mobile homes are not immediately recognizable as such.

It’s important to highlight the refrigerator’s unusual design. This sturdy and useful solution provides additional room for work above.

And if there isn’t a restroom, where do you go? Though there is no tub, guests will find a shower, sink, and mirror.

Get out there and see some of the world’s most breathtaking sunsets without worry!

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