She fought hard to realize her vision of a world where a mother with special needs gives birth to a healthy, happy baby girl.

Anastasia has a condition called osteogenesis. Semenova has very delicate bones, as she has indicated. Despite the doctors’ objections, she is happy to have become a mother. Semenova met a young man when she was 18 years old.

Those were pretty eyes. When I met Nastya, I knew she was the one,” the hero’s spouse stated. After hearing about Nastya’s fascinating job, the couple’s relatives started discouraging them from taking such a major responsibility.

“Doctors asked me to sign papers that I would take all the responsibility for myself,” Semenova’s husband stated.

Despite everything, Nastya became a mother, and her daughter turned out to be great. A couple is now considering having another kid.

We’re crossing our fingers that everything goes smoothly and that they’re able to start a family again.

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