“I’m not pregnant, I just put on some weight,” she said. Natalie Portman flaunted her curvy form in a T-shirt and tights.

Christina allegedly became irritated and frustrated when pregnancy rumors began circulating. The celebrity, however, has not confirmed nor rejected the rumors.

Natalie Portman, who is 39 years old, is another famous actress who is recognized for her grace and slim figure.

Although Natalie Portman is already curvy, some have said she could look even better if she gained a few pounds. Her appearance has been compared to that of a teenager, despite the fact that she has given birth twice to children with Benjamin Millepied (a boy, Aleph, now 8, and a daughter, Amalia, now 3).

There have been whispers of a third pregnancy for Natalie Portman ever since paparazzi images showed her rapidly gaining weight at the end of January. Many people assumed she was pregnant after seeing images of her in a sports sweater. However, Natalie was so offended by this report that she posted a denial of the rumors on Instagram-stories (a platform banned in Russia due to extremist content).

“Hey, I’m not pregnant. ” she stated in her post. But it’s apparently fine in the year 2021 for someone to make assumptions and comments about a woman’s body.

Portman has denied that she is pregnant, but fresh images of her popping up online show her in a tight tank top that exposes her growing baby bump. Many people would have probably kept guessing about her possible pregnancy if she hadn’t denied it.

Natalie has put on some weight recently, but she was spotted leaving the gym, so it seems she is still dedicated to her health. Hopefully, she’ll be back to her normal weight soon. A rigorous production schedule for her next part in the highly anticipated Marvel blockbuster “Thor: Love and Thunder” would leave the actress little time for indulging in high-calorie foods.

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