This is a priceless reaction: The infant was given a hearing aid and heard her sister’s voice for the first time.

A young mother from Georgia shared a touching video of her newborn hearing her sister’s voice for the first time. The lady added that it was upsetting for her to learn that her prematurely born daughter had a gastrointestinal illness and that she had to use several medications, which caused her to lose her hearing.

It’s tough to tell how much a girl can hear at such a young age. And the parents decided to purchase a hearing aid to test how she interprets the surroundings. Everyone was astounded by the outcome. The child’s initial reactions to the gadget were recorded and posted online by the mother.

So the parents decided to place a hearing aid in the baby’s ear to help her recognize her surroundings. And the end result was really beautiful. The mother captured the sweet event on video.

The minute girl’s reaction to the voice was very wonderful and heartbreaking. “Younger sister, younger sister!” exclaims the elder sister. The infant was vigilant at first, listening to her intently, and then broke out laughing.

Users couldn’t stop sobbing after viewing the video: “I am crying with joy,” God is awesome! I wish you excellent hearing and happiness!”

And how did you feel after seeing the beautiful video?

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