Beauty was lost, but love was found. What has changed in the model’s life since the terrible fire?

We often read about love tales in literature and movies, but we forget that they also happen in real life.

The narrative we wish to tell would be ordinary if it weren’t for a tragic catastrophe that demonstrated the genuine power of love between two individuals.

Turia Pitt, 33, competed in a 100K run as a model in 2011. However, a tremendous fire broke out at some time, trapping several individuals in the center of it. With 65% of her body burnt, the girl survived.

She lost many fingers and was permanently disfigured as a result of the horrible burns. Turia then became despondent, admitting that she had no idea how she had survived or how she was going to live in this body now! She is now an inspiration and motivator for millions of self-conscious women.

During that terrible period, she had a close friend by her side, Michael Hoskin, who aided and supported her during the long rehabilitation process.

The young guys had a love connection and married shortly after. The couple welcomed a son in 2017.

Michael describes his wife as a nice and gorgeous lady, but her skin has changed.

That is what genuine love entails!

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