She will always be a doll’s size: how the little child Thumbelina looks and lives today

Many individuals are unaware of the existence of microcephalic osteodysplastic type II primary dwarfism. Simply put, this is a more sophisticated kind of dwarfism in which the body does not develop at all. And in this instance, there are no choices.

Abigail Lee had the misfortune of being born with such a hereditary condition.

At first sight, this appears to be a typical photograph of a baby sitting in a stroller, except that the stroller is a toy for dolls.

Abigail is already two years old, yet she weighs almost as much as a baby – barely nine pounds.

Doctors predict that the girl will grow by roughly 23 inches. The infant is perfectly healthy; she eats well, plays, and grows, yet she does not grow.

Unfortunately, medicine does not yet treat this sort of dwarfism, but let us hope that science may find a remedy in the future.

Abigali will have the opportunity to educate and live a long and happy life. We hope the infant is happy and confident.

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