Osborne was severely underweight and graying. The Rock Legend was spotted walking with his nurse by photographers.

Ozzy Osbourne, 74, was seen walking with a carer in Los Angeles. In 2020, the artist informed to his followers that he had Parkinson’s illness. According to new footage of the artist, Ozzy’s Parkinson’s illness is increasing, as the graying Ozzy has noticeably shrunk and has difficulty moving about.

According to insiders close to the musician, the legendary singer walks with a cane and does not leave the house without the supervision of his nurse. “What a pity. My boyhood hero was Ozzy.”

“It’s heartbreaking to watch Osbourne change. “I hate to believe it, but alas, the footage speaks for itself”, “Ozzy, patience and strength”, “I’ll pray for him tonight”,

“How come you’re the idol of my youth?”

“Paid for his creativity,” someone said beneath the paparazzi photos.

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