The most unusual twins: a 45-year-old mother is relieved she made the right decision

“Sunny” is a nickname given to children with Down syndrome. After all, these small children stand out for their kindness, special sensitivity, happiness, and generosity. Of course, learning of such disease in their unborn children causes significant worry for many parents. They require time to adjust to the current environment.

Julie McConnell, 45, discovered that her two unborn twins might have a genetic illness. His initial inclination was to place the children for adoption. But she found the fortitude to tackle the challenge. And, in the future, we can be assured that mother will not be sorry!

Julie and her husband, Dan, planned the pregnancy and were aware of the potential hazards. Before considering pregnancy, the couple was told about the dangers of pathologies associated to the parents’ ages. The couple admits that the day their future children were diagnosed was the saddest day of their life, and the months that followed were excruciatingly difficult.

Julie and Dan couldn’t even envision how they’d raise children with special needs. However, after speaking with couples who had previously experienced a similar experience and receiving some knowledge, it became easier for them to accept the circumstance.

When the mom first saw her twins (Charlie and Milo), she felt indescribable joy and realized what a terrible mistake she had made. “Just looking at them makes my heart race,” Julie says.

Everyone is aware that the danger of having a special baby is proportional to the age of the prospective mother. As a result, the likelihood of having a baby with Down syndrome is 1/1400 at the age of 25, but it drops to roughly 1/60 after the age of 40. However, the chances of producing twins with a comparable genetic impairment are roughly 14:1,000,000.

They make an effort to spend more time with the children, but they are concerned about their future: how people will treat them if their children are mistreated and mocked, and how they will be in the future. But, in any case, the McConnells are content and love every day of their lives!

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