Because he has never seen his wife before, a blind man only has two words for her when he first sees her.

What feelings would you have if you were married to someone you had never met? You would adore your family even if you couldn’t see them.
This is exactly what Gene Purdy had to go through. He was born with a retinal abnormality that makes it impossible for him to see. He detects a few hazy places now and again, but that’s it.

Gene had no notion what his family had looked like throughout the years.

Gene’s wife saw someone with the same disease on Rachel Ray’s show. She was given the ability to sight thanks to the application of cutting-edge technology.

This woman received sophisticated electronic eyewear from a cutting-edge eyeglasses company. Joy was astonished to find that her sickness may be cured.

She decided to apply for this program in the hopes of providing their family with the same amazing opportunity. After receiving a positive response, her entire family flew to Denver to film the episode.

Gene was unable to remain still on stage. He was nervous and unsure if his fantasy would suddenly come true.

When the glasses were delivered to him, the crowd assumed they did not work. As he turned to face his wife, Gene exclaimed, “She’s beautiful,” in three words.

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