What does the 14-year-old Malawian boy Madonna adopted look like today?

Madonna is a fashion icon as well as the pop music queen. This exceptional actress adopted a small kid named David from Malawi fourteen years ago. Madonna has an elder daughter, Lola Lyon, who was born in 1996, as well as a son by Guy Ricci, Rocco.

Despite the fact that the other children are unrelated, Madonna cherishes all of her heirs. David is presently residing in Portugal. Madonna, unable to be apart from her son, bought a house in that nation and moved in with him.

David is now a dedicated soccer player for the local squad. Madonna feels her child has the potential to become President of Malawi in the future.

The young man is creative and appreciates music and dancing. Despite his parents’ divorce, David maintains a deep bond with Guy, his adoptive father.

Today, the child lives with his beloved mother and gets along well with his siblings.

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