She weighed just 64 pounds two years ago, yet a simple chocolate bar helped her overcome anorexia.

Anna Windley, a 21-year-old British woman, had severe anorexia and was scared of food. Despite being an active student and sports participant, Anna was teased about her weight and chose to lose weight by drastically restricting her food intake to to one sandwich per few days.

As a result, she ended up in the hospital several times and was diagnosed with anorexia.

Anna’s aversion to eating was so strong that even the scent of it terrified her.

However, she decided to try chocolate one day and was amazed that it didn’t make her gain weight. This revelation assisted her in overcoming her phobia of eating, and she gradually resumed a regular diet.

Anna needed two years to go back to a healthy weight of 45 kg, and she now lives a healthy lifestyle.

She remembers that time in her life with dread and highlights the necessity of not allowing cultural pressure to control one’s relationship with food.

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