Sean Penn, 60, and his 29-year-old wife appear to be peers without the use of Photoshop.

Sean Penn was formerly thought to be one of the most appealing “bad boys in Hollywood,” with whom every other female fell in love. His list of celebrity love successes includes Madonna, Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johansson, Petra Nemkova, and others.

Since his divorce with Theron, Penn, on the other hand, has visibly given up and aged. He did not appear under 60 (approximately how old he was at the time) in paparazzi photographs taken after the split, and all 70, half of which resulted from a plainly unhealthy lifestyle. His unkempt hairstyle, attempts to disguise his gray hair, and “bum-style” attire did not make him appear handsome.

However, all changed when Penn met his future wife, who is 31 years his younger. Nobody anticipated Leila George to be able to change the rebellious Sean.

The pair began dating before moving in together, and their covert wedding was disclosed in August of last year. Penn and George are now frequently seen together, sometimes at work and sometimes out and about. In recent photos, Sean is practically unrecognizable.

He looks to be of similar age as Leila. His fashionable hair (although with gray threads) and impeccable clothes made him an exceptionally appealing man. By the way, based on the way the pair was dressed, it was Leila who tried on him. By the way, based on the fact that the pair was dressed similarly, Leila was the one who experimented with street style looks.

Fans of the actor were happy for him. And, as it turned out, the naysayers who predicted this relationship would end in divorce were wrong: according to paparazzi photographs, the lovers are happy together, and the age gap is nothing to them. It’s getting less noticeable as Sean gets older.

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