“Already doesn’t fit into the XXXL”: Tess, 342 Ibs, could barely fit into a large suit.

Tess Holliday, a 342 pound lady, picked inappropriate clothing once more.

The American rose to prominence after deciding to try her hand at modeling despite her voluptuous figure and discovering that she did not regret her line of work. Tess rose to prominence rapidly after being labeled the world’s most comprehensive model.

Holliday’s admirers regularly suggest that she lose weight. However, the model strongly opposes it. Tess will not lose weight, despite her incredible weight on the scales, which is already above 155 kg. She constantly expresses her satisfaction with her appearance and claims to be able to live a leisurely life like other slim individuals.

As a result, the model only wears crop tops, short skirts with plunging necklines, and a variety of shorts. Although Tess, the model, looks seductive in it, many people dislike it since it calls attention to all of Tess’ shortcomings.

At this moment, Holliday desired to put on the black sweatshirt and shorts. The designer intended for the image to look massive, but when Tess wore it, it became flattering.

Every wrinkle and spot of cellulite on the model’s legs was accentuated by the clothes.

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