Mr. Beeg from your favorite TV show looks bloated and filthy in new images.

Chris Noth, a well-known Hollywood actor, has gone missing. He kept a low profile after being involved in a sex controversy a few years ago. According to The Hollywood Reporter, two women accused him of rape one after the other, and the actor was also reminded of allegedly assaulting a model in the 1990s. Noth contested the claims, calling them fake. He did, however, discontinue his appearances in high society.

The actor was even passed over for a sequel to the iconic series “Sex and the City,” in which he played Mr. Big, Carrie Bradshaw’s main character.

The writers chose to “kill” the character by inflicting a heart attack on him.

The artist has rarely been photographed since then, with the exception of paparazzi spotting him on walks or shopping trips.

Chris has severely aged, grayed, wrinkled, acquired weight, and now wanders along the street in filthy and sweaty clothes, as revealed by the last of these images.

He is now 68 years old, and he appears to have forgotten all about self-care.

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