Unexpected outcome: Stylists transformed the tattooed and pierced girl into a lovely beauty.

When Izzy Gonzalez goes on a walk with her kid at such time, she often notices puzzled looks and debates. Izzy has more than 31 tattoos, including one on her face. The 27-year-old woman has numerous piercings and has coloured her hair red.

Gonzalez’s image was transformed beyond recognition by the stylists, who decided to change her image at least temporarily. The tattoos were covered up as much as possible, and the piercings were also removed. The black T-shirt was replaced with a delicate flower-adorned frock, and a blond wig was added to complete the image of gentleness. Izzy has grown into a real sweetie with a bright smile.

What are your thoughts? Which of the two looks does the woman have?

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