Phoebe the Mermaid Alyssa Milano, 50, appeared completely clothed in a bathtub full of clean water.

Despite her age, Alyssa Milano, a well-known Hollywood TV series star from the 1990s, impresses the audience with candid images.

On the final day of winter, which turned out to be wet in America, the 50-year-old celebrity decided to take a bath and decompress. The actress released a provocative photo on her Instagram page without shielding her body from her followers. Alice, best known for her role as Phoebe in the science fantasy series Charmed, squatted in clear water, her knees close to her chest, hardly concealing her hot spots.

Milano went into the tub without removing the mascara from her face or the thick necklaces she was wearing, one of which was hidden between her breasts.

To keep her hair from becoming wet, the star pinned it up in the back. With the help of many green plants in the backdrop, Alice can relax and enjoy the silence.

“When it’s raining outside, nothing beats a hot salt bath.” “Nothing,” the actress said next to a photo of a sexual figure.

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