How they grew up: what the once-famous Internet family looks like now

This image became viral on the Internet 11 years ago. The couple had six children, so the boys wanted to take a special family photo to commemorate the occasion. The shot was so adorable that it touched the entire world. Now, 11 years later, the family has decided to recreate the image.

They tried for ten years to have a baby, but all of their efforts were futile. The couple was unable to have children. And at one time, fate decided to bless the adored couple with six children.

The family was not particularly wealthy, and the parents were unsure how they would rear six children. But, because of the photo, they were discovered by several TV shows, which led to even more concerned people learning about them. They began to contribute financially.

The “Six Little McGee show” was even produced by the family. They demonstrated their life in this show, how they manage to cherish every day spent with their family. And now everything is OK in the family, and everyone is grateful and delighted for their good fortune.

How do you feel about this story? Did you know anything about their family?

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