What a noseless girl looks like nowadays

Tessa has arrived! She was born in Ireland and is four years old. She’s been different from other kids since she was born because she lacks a nose. Her mother found the anomaly while she was pregnant. According to ultrasound data, the fetus was developing with this unusual pathology. Doctors advised the mother to terminate the pregnancy, but she refused. She was initially sure that she and her husband could nurture such a special child and help her develop into a full-fledged human being and contributing member of society.

Tessa’s mother says that she will continue to think that contemporary technology will resolve this peculiar problem.

It should be noted that the girl has previously had multiple procedures to repair her nose. Tessa is deaf and has problems with her eyes and heart.

However, the girl suffered another serious ailment as a result of the previous surgery: she went blind in one eye.

She will need several more procedures before she can live a regular, full life.

Tessa is dressed like this today. She is cheerful and constantly smiles.

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