“Love with all my heart!” exclaimed Paris Hilton as she displayed the face of her 2.5-month-old son Phoenix.

Paris and her husband Carter Reum had their first child in late January. The couple was assisted in having their child by a surrogate mother. Hilton also has a 10-year-old stepdaughter, the daughter of her husband’s previous relationship.

The actress, 42, is loving her new role as a young mother. Paris enjoyed her first photo shoot with her 2.5-month-old son, Phoenix. Hilton did not keep the baby’s looks a secret from the public.

Britney Spears’ close friend drastically altered her appearance. The actress first appeared in a black and white striped outfit. The young mother applied dramatic makeup and styled her hair. Hilton also wore diamond jewelry, including earrings and a large stone ring. Paris held her naked baby in her arms, pressing him against her chest.

The model then tried on a more casual and homey outfit. She was dressed in a soft cashmere jumper, while the child was dressed in a white jumpsuit and a cap. With the infant on the couch, the actress who portrayed the title role in the comedy “Blonde in Chocolate.”

Hilton returned him into her arms with a smile. Paris admits to being overwhelmed by emotions. “I just adore it!” “It’s Mother’s Day,” Hilton wrote.

Hilton’s fans have flocked to her delicate images. “You are an incredible mother!” “The queen with her tiny prince”, “These are the most gorgeous photographs of you”, “You were made for parenthood”, “The cuteness is off the charts”, “Be cautious with the ring!” It’s massive and could harm the baby,” users commented.

Paris has maintained an active social life after the birth of her first kid. The Versace show was attended by the granddaughter of Hilton hotel founder Conrad Hilton, as well as her mother and sister.

Hilton and her spouse talked about her marriage. The actress stated that she only began having sex with him. According to Paris, Carter Reum is nothing like her previous boyfriends.

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