She had irreversibly ruined herself. Basinger, 69, emerged after plastic surgery.

Kim Basinger, an American actress, model, and singer, celebrated her 69th birthday on December 8. The Hollywood diva appears to have opted to change her appearance in order to stay up with her celebrity colleagues. In her quest for eternal youth, Kim has lost her former beauty and charm. The sudden advent of beauty in the globe caused quite a commotion.

Basinger is difficult to spot in the new photographs. “Where is Kim?” “What did plastic surgeons do to the beauty?” “She was one of the most beautiful ladies in the ’90s”, “I don’t want to believe that’s Kim”, “She damaged herself with plastic”, “She ruined herself with plastic”,

“Why do you do this to yourself, women?” “She was stunning even without plastic surgery.” “Why would she do that?” and “What did she do to her face?” enquired the model’s followers in the comments. And what are your thoughts on plastic surgery?

Would you put yourself through a makeover?

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