The kindest grandfather, 75, spends six months petting shelter cats as a form of volunteer service.

About six months ago, a kind-hearted elderly man visited the Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

There was Terry, a 75-year-old guy who adores animals, especially abandoned and defenseless kittens.
He was eager to get to this cat-friendly shelter when he heard about it one day.

The grandpa’s devotion and prowess at brushing cats swiftly won over the hearts of all the rescued kittens.

Over a short period of time, Terry fell in love with his job and formally joined the volunteer program.

The loving granny gives the kitties attention and sleep every day.

The wonderful man also inspires a lot of others to utilize their online influence to support the shelter. He was known as the “grandfather of cats” for his steadfast devotion to and love of animals.

This Wisconsin man gained notoriety for his kindness, and he often publishes his amusing and heartwarming cat videos online.

With his trusty blue brush, he holds the cats in his arms all the time, making the felines melt.

Terry sneezed now and then, too, when the next cat stepped up for a cuddle.

He became the kittens’ guardian angel and favorite character due to her calm and understanding nature.

Both Terry and the cats think it’s a good thing they’ve met; they just enjoy being together.

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