Sandra Bullock is seen for the first time in a year; while taking a break from performing, the actress has changed.

Without Sandra Bullock, not a single social gathering could have continued. But, you barely ever hear about her these days.

The last time we saw the Hollywood actress on the red carpet was in March of last year. She also declared in June that she would be pausing her career.

Burnout is the main culprit. She made the decision to spend more time with her family since she took her work too seriously.

Sandra made an appearance at the Oscar pre-party for the first time in a year, just like she used to, suggesting that either the vacation was fruitful or she cannot survive without secular events.

We have to confess that the rest complements the star nicely. Sandra still looks stunning at 58!

She enjoyed talking to and taking pictures with Demi Moore and Brendan Fraser, who also received the coveted statuette.

Rumor has it that Sandra will shortly resume her employment.

In a recent interview with British Vogue, Brad Pitt disclosed that he and another actor had a fantastic idea for a movie.

It’s also possible that we’ll see Sandy at the Oscars the following year now that Brad has decided to keep working with his “old pal Sandy.” We hope to be the best filmmaker.

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